Ocean Freight

With access to an expansive network of overseas offices, Trade XCelerators offers a full gambit of ocean transportation and complementary maritime logistics services to U.S. importers. With an emphasis on visibility and item-level control, those services include:

Air Freight

With over sixty years of collective experience in international air freight, TXC works closely with its partner air carriers and global office network to offer both expedited and standard air freight services from origins around the world. The TXC air freight service portfolio consists of:

U.S. Customs Clearance

Whereas all TXC associates are well versed in both international and domestic transportation, the team is especially adept at U.S. Customs clearance procedures. Not only are the two founders of Trade XCelerators licensed Customs Brokers, 75% of the CHB team is also licensed. Those capabilities are reflected in the below portfolio of services:

U.S. Transload, Distribution & Fulfillment

The key to any importer’s success is the ability to make “in the moment” decisions about the allocation of inventory once goods clear Customs in the U.S. With an emphasis on assisting import clients with the management of their “dynamic inventory”, TXC provides a full array of logistics services in the U.S., including:

U.S. Logistics & Transportation Services

An import transaction isn’t complete until goods arrive at their final destination. Whether it’s port drayage or a 53’ Hot Shot load going cross country, TXC has the contacts and operational know-how to meet any service requirement. A key component of Trade XCelerators approach to integrated logistics, the following is a list of transportation and related domestic service capabilities:

U.S. Customs Surety Bonds

U.S. Customs regulations require all U.S., importers of goods for commercial purposes that have a value of $2,500 or more per entry to obtain a Surety Bond (aka “Customs Bond”). At Trade XCelerators , we work with the two top Surety Bond companies in the country to offer a comprehensive and competitive bond program. Features of our bond sales & support services include: